Finally contributed cash

I get a lot of gut-turning, heart-wrenching emails from organizations like Greenpeace about the imminent destruction of habitats and endangered species. I often sign their petitions, post them on Facebook and pass them on to friends and family.

But being, of necessity, frugal (not cheap, frugal), I have not contributed funds — until today.

On Sunday I was swimming in the ocean and I found a dead baby turtle floating in the waves. That has no direct relation to the campaign going on right now against the tuna industry and their devastation of endangered turtles, but … perhaps it was a sign.

In any case, I couldn’t say no this time. The Greenpeace boat Esperanza is out there in the Pacific confronting the commercial fishermen now. If they are willing to do that, I should be willing to give some hard-earned money to make their fight a little bit easier.

My heart goes out to the turtles and vulnerable creatures of the sea.


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