“Dost thou love life?

Then do not squander time, for that’s the stuff life is made of.” — Ben Franklin

That quote popped into my head in a recent early weekend morning when I was debating sleeping in or going on a long bike ride. I want to learn to manage my time better. Any older person will tell you that time goes by fast, to make the most of every moment, to live life to the fullest, as if today were your last day on earth.

That can sometimes seem hard to do. If you were truly to live every day as if it were your last day, you would have to call everyone to tell them everything you never said. You might go bungee jumping, or buy a plane ticket to Paris. You would eat like a king, and make love with your spouse. But we have jobs, and kids, and errands to run. Get the groceries, fold the laundry. Most of our lives are not very exciting.

But we can also make the most of what we have. We can choose to get outside and off the couch. To shop at the farmer’s market instead of Walmart. To be kinder, more patient, understanding, compassionate and generous. To really listen to people. To sincerely welcome someone new. To take a walk in solitude and spend some time with your inner self, and listen to what she has to tell you. You can choose to make a bucket list and start chipping away at it, little by little. To be less lazy, less inactive, less passive. To turn off the TV and get creative. To read, write and converse. To savor the simple pleasures that our great-great-greats once enjoyed: good wine and savory, wholesome meals. The beauty of nature and the thrill of good companions. The pleasure and joy, the non-regret, of not wasting time.


One response to ““Dost thou love life?

  1. So, did you go on the bike ride? 🙂

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