The cancer conspiracy

I realize this title, to the vast majority of the world, sounds completely crazy. But I am going to post it anyways, because I believe the information may help someone. I believe cancer can be healed, through detoxing the body (sunlight, infrared saunas, positive thoughts, music, exercising) and flooding it with pure nutrition (organic fruit and vegetable juicing).

And while the order of the day is, invariably, chemotherapy, powerful pills and radiation, consider that there is another way. A way that doesn’t kill the good cells as well as the bad, that heals the whole person and returns them to a state of wellness from the inside out. Watch The Gersen Miracle on Netflix for more information.

Unfortunately, many people are, in effect, brainwashed by advertising, media and spin. They are encouraged to buy anything and everything with a pink ribbon on it, to donate money and to participate in walks for the cure. Where is this money going? To fund large salaries and pharmaceutical companies, more drug research, the western medical establishment; which, I believe, is somewhat profit-motivated and self-serving. If they actually found a ‘cure,’ the money would stop.

And let it be noted, that most of these foundations’ sites and campaigns do little to talk about real ways to prevent cancer. These real facts are hard to find and little known. For example, anti-perspirant clogs pores, blocks up lymph nodes and can lead to breast cancer. But put a pink ribbon on it and you are doing your part. Stephen Colbert has blasted Susan G. Komen for the Cure when they went so far as to partner up with KFC and try to sell pink buckets of fried chicken. Their Yoplait yogurt (as in, corn syrup and artificial sweetener crap) partnership is also laughable.

Pure whole foods and an unpolluted environment are the most important factors in preventing/healing cancer; not giving your hard-earned cash and walking in a local 5k with your pink t-shirt on. Interestingly, the U.S. has one of the highest incidences of certain types of cancer in the world, largely due to the quality of food, air and water and the lack of physical activity. The fact is that genetically linked incidents are very rare.

I am also noticing the mainstream media pushing more and more for people to accept cancer as normal and even cool. We have the TV series “The Big ‘C'”,the big-budget film 50/50, the Lifetime movie Five.

I’m sure many people involved in all of these productions, campaigns and even in the so-called treatments have good intentions. I’m not sure where the conspiracy originates, who knows the real truth, who is trying to hide it, etc.

What I do know is that most people don’t know. That matters of life and death are increasingly out of their control.


2 responses to “The cancer conspiracy

  1. Very true and ironic. It is amazing how many beauty products have carcinogens and skin irritants. I wrote a bit about medicine conspiracy in my blog that I think you will like:

  2. Ever read the Natural Cures book by Kevin Trudeau? That was my first well-explained exposure to the medical conspiracy in the U.S. My grandmother (a nurse) has been saying for years that the American Cancer Society/Foundation/American Medical Foundation, ADA…all of it can’t be trusted. That it’s a big money-making scheme. I still brush my teeth with “approved” toothpaste, but if the big C ever happened to me I hope I’d be brave enough to try out that all-natural doctor out in Vegas before signing my life away to chemo treatments (and bills). Truth is we can’t avoid flooding ourselves with toxins, by virtue of living in the developed world, but we can do our best to eliminate toxins from our bodies. At least that’s what I’ve decided.

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