Two amazing documentaries

Last week I watched two documentaries that recently became available to view instantly on Netflix. Burzynski is about a doctor who discovered a potent, non-toxic cure for cancer — and was prosecuted for it by the FDA.

2012: Time for a Change was riveting. It interviews various scholars, scientists and deep, spiritually attuned thinkers to propose an alternate civilization, one where humans, nature and animals can thrive harmoniously. It’s a must see!


2 responses to “Two amazing documentaries

  1. that 2012 documentary looks amazing!! Is it out on DVD?

    • Hey! Yes you can buy it here:

      Or, you can watch it instantly on Netflix! I really enjoyed it because instead of focusing on specific societal/environmental problems, as many (awesome) documentaries do, it looks at our civilization in a very overarching way and encourages us to consider another, better paradigm. Oh, and it made me want to go drink some plant-based hallucinogens in the Amazon!

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