Take care of your tootsies

My cousin hates feet, as many people do. They find them rather repulsive and unattractive. Then there are others who find feet (at least, feminine, petite feet) to be erotic and exquisite.

Regardless of whether the aesthetics inspire you with pride, shame or indifference, you should show your feet a lot of love.

Most modern Americans encase their feet in socks and shoes all day every day and don’t give much thought to them. But, reflexology — which is, unsurprisingly, called a ‘pseudoscience’ by western medicine — teaches us that our feet are maps of our bodies. Therefore, by rubbing and stimulating certain parts of the foot, you can benefit the corresponding body part; enhance circulation; revitalize neural connections; and release tension and blocked energy. And of course, it just feels amazing.

Walking barefoot also naturally massages the bottom of the feet (if you are on the sand or on the grass or dirt) and provides beneficial energy from the earth (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XumPQLTzPWI).

My great aunt used to say that you could tell a person’s state of health by their feet (and once correctly deduced my mother was pregnant when she touched a certain spot on her foot and my mom jumped in pain). So if your feet are soft, warm and pink, you are probably enjoying great health. If you suffer from callouses and other problems, you might want to consider detoxing.

Try soaking your feet in epsom salts or in ion detox foot baths. At the very least, treat yourself to a pedicure or massage with essential oils.

Good health starts in the feet

By Chen Yujin (Shanghai Star. 2004-04-01)

THERAPEUTIC massage has a long history in China, and one of the most interesting forms of treatment is foot massage.

Chinese traditional medicine theory holds that as a tree has roots, so humans have their feet; roots perish before the tree dies and feet shrivel ahead of human aging. Therefore, foot massage is regarded as the most efficient way to keep the body healthy and stay young.

“Each part of the foot is reputedly linked to another, often distant, part of the body, with the influence extending not only to the muscles but also to the vital organs as well,” according to Li Zhiqin, a member of the China Foot Reflexology Association and general manager of the Shanghai Kangmeng Health Product Co Ltd.


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