Reveal your inner essence

Express your Inner Pocahontas

Halloween is over, which means that, for the vast majority of us, it will be a whole year before we get to dress up and become another persona (unless you’re into role playing wink wink).

When you picked out your costume, were you trying to achieve maximum scariness or maximum sexiness? Make people laugh or wonder at your clever creativity? Or were you just trying to find something quick and cheap for a night before going back to your regular, workaday self?

Or, did your costume express a hidden side of your psyche? Perhaps what compelled you to don what you did expressed something about your inner personality that you don’t normally get to show (the subconscious Id?).

This year, I was a guerrilla fighter/revolutionary warrior. For years I have had dreams where, in a post-apocalyptic world, I have to fight to defend myself and my family. I sneak around and hide, my sole motivation being survival, my body filled with adrenaline and pushed to do things I normally wouldn’t imagine. Sometimes I’m in ruined suburbs or demolished buildings; other times, in the forest. I feel the rush of adventure and the overwhelming strength of my spirit and body as I use my intelligence in a very primitive way. It feels good.

So I believe this persona expressed an aggressive, physical side of myself that normally has to be latent and subdued. Last year I was a Native American, which I feel also expressed a side of myself that likes to be very free-spirited and independent and connected with the natural world. I considered being a French Maid, but it just seemed so blasé, so self-subordinating and one-dimensional.

Music/Arts festivals like Burning Man and national parties like Carnaval also encourage cathartic, freeing self-expression. We need more of those!

Here is a list of 10 major parties around the world that not only inspire revelry and debauchery, but can also unleash your inner self.


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