Drink up some passion

There are myriad delicious flavors of tea. Made with leaves and infused with herbs, spices, flowers and fruits, each variety is packed full of antioxidants and unique health benefits.

But one of my all-time favorites, and one I’d like to recommend, is Passion by Tazo. Caffeine-free, it is made with hibiscus flowers, passion fruit and mango, licorice root, orange peel, cinnamon, rose hips and lemongrass.

I am attracted to its sweet taste, but it turns out it is providing me with a mugful of vitamin C and countless other health benefits, everything from calming nerves to lowering blood pressure to enhancing cognition (click the links above to learn more).

I was reminded when I visited a wizened herbalist at the weekend farmer’s market that there are many natural spices/plants/roots/flowers that can heal. I would love to learn more about what each one can do and then apply them as needed.  Tea drinking is common in India, Japan and in other cultures, but I think many of us in developed western societies are unaware of the power of plants to heal and enhance and make well.

Perhaps you can explore these natural remedies, not only to heal but to prevent future ailments, refresh your skin and provide natural mood, energy and immunity boosts, in place of drinking coffee, artificial drinks (soda, energy drinks, anything with high fructose corn syrup, refined sugar, etc.) and relying on over-the-counter pills and medicine.

A few years ago I decided to never take any pills or medicine again. But, I did take Advil for menstrual cramps. Recently I have discovered that there are natural remedies for that as well! Do some research and you will find a wealth of good-tasting, nice-smelling, pleasant ways to treat your body right. Now doesn’t that beat the two pages worth of devastating side effects on the ubiquitous ads for yet another toxic and expensive pill with a manipulatively clever name?


One response to “Drink up some passion

  1. have you found anything for menstraul cramps yet? You should become a holistic doctor. The world needs you!

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