Well-endowed actor has a brain to match his …

I have never watched HBO’s “Hung” nor do I ever plan to, and apparently, neither does its star, Thomas Jane.

In this recent Huffington Post article, he eschews all “in-depth brainwashing that’s done by CNN or any news show or any television show.”

His awesome interview continues:

“People’s reactions to the world around them, if you give them drugs and alcohol, they tend to not worry too much that you’re ripping them off on the parking meters and you’re putting people in office that don’t know what the f*ck they’re doing. We can go down to the bar and complain about it there instead of going down to f*cking Congress and complaining to the people who really f*cking need to hear it, you’ll find yourself down at the corner bar, yelling at the f*cking bartender, who could give a f*ck, is just waiting to go home and turn on the goddamn TV.

“I find a nation of sleepers and slackers, and it’s not our fault, we’ve been conditioned to stay asleep… We wake up briefly, but by then we’re too tired and shell shocked and beaten down to do anything about it, because we realize half of our life is gone. Generally, the easiest thing to do is to fall back asleep and just sort of nestle in and wait for a bit until we slough off the mortal coil and call it quits. That’s the metaphor in our film of death …

“That’s what school is, it’s a prison for your mind, and it’s a travesty that we do this to our children, it’s an open letter that Rockefeller wrote to the President of the United States saying, ‘We need workers,'” he says, noting that he does not send his own children to American public schools. “And that’s why we have the school system that we have in our country, is that Rockefeller said we need workers, people who follow directions, who are able to stay in one place for about eight hours a day, and people who fear authority…

“Really? I’m 40 years old and still wearing the same goddamn uniform that I wore in my 20s? So what’s the new uniform — a suit? Well, okay, everyone wears a f*cking suit. With that, you’re just a suit, you’re a zombie, there’s no self-expression. There’s no individuality within that. So it’s either blend in and become a zombie, or revert to your 20s. We got nothing.”

It has accrued over a thousand comments so far. Negative comments range from “nothing new” to “self-important ex-junkie” to “B.S.” Positive comments abound as well. No matter which side you are on, however, you have to admit that it is astoundingly refreshing to hear someone part of the vapid Hollywood world come out and make statements like this. Statements that, you know, actually make you think a little.


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