31 ways to get smarter

I read an interesting article in Newsweek recently that I would like to share: “31 Ways to Get Smarter in 2012.” (Looks like the full version is only in the print mag.) Some things I was already doing, others, I would like to start. Check it out:

1) Play Words with Friends (or Scrabble, I assume)

2) Eat turmeric (other herbs and spices couldn’t hurt)

3) Play sports or dance

4) Get news from Al Jazeera

5) Toss your smartphone (which would mean no more Words With Friends)

6) Sleep a lot

7) Download the Ted app (if you tossed your smartphone, go here)

8) Go to a literary festival

9) Build a memory palace

10) Learn a new language (I want to learn Latin!)

11) Eat dark chocolate (yes please!)

12) Try knitting (or another hands-on craft)

13) Frown (okay, that’s lame)

14) Play violent video games (also lame, IMO; a live game of paintball or capture the flag could be cool, however)

15) Follow interesting/intellectual people on Twitter

16) Eat yogurt (but please get the pure kind with probiotics)

17) Install supermemo

18) See a Shakespeare play (or read one!)

19) Refine your thinking

20) Hydrate

21) Listen to lectures on iTunesU

22) Visit museums and art galleries

23) Play an instrument (I need a piano — miss playing!)

24) Write by hand (don’t do this often!)

25) Use the pomodoro technique

26) Zone out (love to do this while taking long walks or floating in the ocean alone, and get great ideas when I do)

27) Delay gratification

28) Become an expert

29) Write online reviews (or, blog!)

30) Get out of town (love to!)


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