Environment. I want it to thrive. I want to cry when I hear of deforestation, desertification, the pollution of air and water, animals suffering, global warming, oil spills, fracking, endangered species, mountaintop removal, soil depletion, genetically engineered crops, industrial food production and so forth. I support all conservation efforts and will seek to help in any way I can, however small that may be.

Health. Don’t believe your doctor. Throw away your pills. Most of the medical industry is corrupt. Pharmaceuticals are poison. Listen to your mind, body and spirit. Exercise, get fresh air and sunshine. Think loving thoughts about yourself and others. Do good. Eat fresh, locally grown food and hormone and antibiotic-free meat and dairy. Eat wild caught fish. Try new herbs and spices. Good luck navigating the modern food terrain — avoid fast food, processed foods, pesticides, additives, sugar, refined salt and artificial flavors at all costs.

Culture. Get out of your narrow-minded bubble. Turn off the TV. Shut off your social media and your YouTube — unless it is to play some classical or high-caliber music. Eschew the vast majority of contemporary mainstream entertainment and movies. Read the classics. Study foreign languages, the humanities and antiquities. Learn astrology and history, poetry and quantum physics. Choose art and foreign films, live theater and libraries. Spend your time learning, growing, doing, contributing, flourishing.

Knowledge. Read and think. Watch documentaries. Travel. Discuss deep topics with intellectuals. Laugh at corrupt politicians and CEOs and their distorted priorities. Don’t accept your conditioning, your ideology, what your society and your peer group regurgitates. Look outside your paradigm prison. Expand your metaphysical horizons. Dare to dream of a different way of living, and find your own path — not the one your parents, your country, your government or your generation tells you to take. The one your inner spirit yearns to follow. Be a wayward wanderer, an intrepid explorer, a bold warrior, a strange visionary.


2 responses to “About

  1. Wow… we pretty much have around the same focus in our blogs! You know what the funnier thing is? that you are passionfruit and I am pomegranates. I state one of my reasons for choosing pomegranates here: http://virtuousandbeautiful.wordpress.com/2011/08/20/why-all-the-pomegranates/
    I can’t wait to read more of what you have to say regarding natural remedies.

  2. Very cool! So true that women have great power over men. Thanks for the encouragement and can’t wait to read more of your thoughts as well.

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