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Inspiration from an aging supermodel

Okay, so this is a little Chicken Soup for the Soul-ish. But I have to share. I had kind of a “Oh wow, good point” moment in an unlikely situation and from an unlikely source recently: I was getting a pedicure while reading an interview with Elle Macpherson in People magazine.

The story was about how, at 47, she is in good shape enough to pose in a bikini. But of course Elle is inclined to reflect on the way things were. She says something to the effect of: “With age comes perspective. I didn’t realize what I had. Now I look back and think, ‘Wow, I had a smoking hot body.’ I’ve learned to appreciate what I have while I have it.”

This really made me stop and think about how I am sometimes guilty of not taking the time to really reflect on all my blessings. All of us have gifts — talents, health, people, opportunities — that we enjoy in our lives and often take for granted.

Feeling gratitude has been shown to boost health and increase longevity. Whether you thank God (or another deity) for your gifts in prayer, record them in a journal, or simply take the time to ponder, it can do you good to count your blessings. And some New Age-y types even believe that this attitude encourages even more good things to come your way.

I’m often so caught up in thinking about all the things I want and how my life could be better that I forget to stop and look around at how pretty good I have it right now. I encourage you to think about what you have, the little things as well as the big. Good health and good people are the big ones; everything else is just a bonus!